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About Us


Reclaimed in Love started with three friends and teachers venturing into the world of retail.  We opened a small shop in Capitola and enjoyed the experience for the two years we were there.  We have relocated our brick and mortar to a tiny studio room that we loving call "our Tiny Shop".  The two of us plan to continue our online sales along with attending craft fairs, festivals, and more.  We will have popup events, as well as DIY crafting nights to share the love of crafting with our local friends.   Follow us on our social media sites to stay in-the-know about when and where we will be. 


Our shop hours are a drop-in basis, so leave a text for Lisa at (831)-214-9643 .  She will be glad to open the shop when she is available or let you know when the best time would be to come in.


Lisa and Terra


Do you provide International delivery?


Currently we do not provide international delivery, but feel free to email for special requests.


How do I return an item?

Please send an email with a brief explanation as to why you are returning your item.  We will give appropriate information at that time.  

What is your returns policy?


If it is broken, the wrong size, or the wrong item, please return so we can replace the item accordingly.  

How do I track my order?


Please email us to inquire about tracking orders.

How can I contact your couriers?

Please email us if you have any concerns about your order.

What are your delivery options?


We will deliver using the standard shipping through the United States Postal Service.

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